University Children's Hospital is located in the heart of Alexandria Governorate in Azarita area next to the Library of Alexandria in the west, and theoretical complex of Alexandria University in the south and bounded on the east Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The hospital consists of six floors with a capacity of 277 beds divided between pediatrics (Internists and surgery) in addition to two units which are blood diseases and cancer Unit and kidney unit (dialysis).


University Children's Hospital plays a vital role at the level of four provinces which are Alexandria, Beheira, Kafr el-Sheikh and Marsa Matrouh, where it is the only specialist University Hospital in the field of pediatrics, where it serves more than one hundred thousand children annually at the level of these provinces, as follows:


1- In 1950 was purchased (Alongelo ssuys Hospital) and was changed its name to Nariman hospital, and has a Department of Pediatrics.

 2- In 1965 was transferred children's department (65 beds) at Al-Hadra University Hospital (Nariman) to Anfoushy children's hospital ( Nazli Queen) and then transferred to Shatby Hospital for obstetrics and gynecology until the completion of Children's Hospital adjacent to Shatby University Hospital.

 3- In 1970 was inaugurated the University Children's Hospital with a capacity of 165 beds (Internists) + 52 bed (Surgery).

 4- In 1979 was opened of the neonatal unit in Gynecology Hospital.

 5- In 1980 in 1/4 was inaugurated the wage therapy Unit  

 6- In 1986 the number of beds of Internists department reaches to 228 beds and 52 beds at Surgery Department.

 7- In 1992 was evacuated the building after the earthquake events and the hospital was transferred to a nearby building which was essentially housing doctors.

 8- In 1998 has been transferred the team work to the original building (its current location), but with the closure of at least 50% of the building for no apparent reason.